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In order for my students to get the most out of their lessons, I have put the follow expectations in place:

1) Always come to class prepared and ready to learn. That means remembering to bring your notebook or homework sheet, as well as all of your repertoire books and any supplemental handouts I've given you!

2) Communication is key. Please let me know if you will be late or absent whenever possible. If there something in class that you don't understand, please ask! If you discover you have questions as you're practicing at home later on in the week, don't hesitate to email me and ask too. It's better to ask and receive an answer right away, rather than finding out you've been practicing something incorrectly the whole week!

The teacher will provide periodic updates on student progress to parents via email. The best way to contact the teacher is via email, however text messages and phone calls are also welcome. The teacher will make every effort to respond within 24 hours. Students can contact the teacher via their Google Classroom, or through text message.

3) Get involved and be in the know. Sit with your child as he or she practices, or ask them about the pieces they've been assigned to play that week. Listen out for things that the teacher has asked your child to correct, and praise them when those fixes have been achieved. Talk to your child about how they think their lesson or practice session went, and share with them in moments where they may be frustrated, or are feeling accomplished. Showing that you care about their piano lessons really goes a long way!


A few things to be informed about in order to make our year go as smoothly as possible.

1) Missed Classes

Due to the teacher’s limited availability, rescheduling lessons cannot be guaranteed. However, if the absence arises due to unforeseen circumstances (e.g. accident, family emergency, power outages, etc.), the teacher will make a reasonable effort to reschedule the lesson. An alternative option is for students to upload their homework via video recordings onto their Google Classroom for feedback. Please be courteous to the teacher and fellow students by notifying the teacher of any absences at least 24 hours in advance.

Missed group lessons cannot be made up, unless there happens to be another section of the class in the same level as the one your child is currently enrolled in that I also teach (please email to inquire). A homework sheet will be sent out via email to students who have to miss a group class, as well as any important announcements from the week.

2) Parent Attendance

Parent attendance is encouraged, but optional for most students over the age of 7. This varies depending on the age, level, and maturity of each student, so please contact me to discuss this further if you are unsure of what would be best for your child.

3) New and/or Transfer students

New and/or transfer students will be accepted pending instructor availability. Consultations (aka "meet and greets") can be set up to determine whether the student, parent, and instructor would be a good fit for each other. Please email to inquire further.

4) Student Behaviour

All students are asked to behave in a way that is respectful to the teacher, and their peers in the classroom. Should students behave in a way that does not contribute towards a positive classroom environment (e.g. being rude, hurtful, silly, or uncooperative, etc.), they may be given a verbal warning, or asked to step outside until they are ready to participate. It is important to note that overcoming challenges or frustrations is a normal part of the lesson, and the instructor will do their best to work together with the student to overcome these hurdles as they come.

5) Practice Expectations

Students should do their best to practice their assigned homework each week to the best of their ability. It is often helpful to schedule a designated "piano practice time" several days a week so that students can get into a set practice routine, and so they don't leave practicing until the day of their lesson. While there are things in life that come up from time to time that can get in the way of practicing, being able to practice regularly is key towards a student being able to make progress each week.

6) Discontinuing Lessons

Every student stops taking lessons at some point. Ideally, this decision is made through plenty of thoughtful discussion between the student, parent, and teacher, so that lessons can cease with a positive sense of closure. For this reason, the teacher kindly asks for 1 month’s notice prior to discontinuing lessons. However, the teacher respects the student’s right to discontinue lessons at any time. Please note that at the discretion of the teacher, students may be dismissed at any time should they have unpaid tuition, an excess amount of absences/unprepared lessons, or if they show a lack of interest in continuing lessons.


Please note that students must be registered with Ange's Piano Studio, and have paid their tuition fees before lessons can commence.

Private Lessons

Private lesson rates start at $50 per hour, and are subject to change. Rates can be adjusted depending on the length of the lesson each week (30, 45, or 60 minute lesson). Please contact me using the contact button on this website to inquire further.

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